Weirdly New Old Buildings

Roger W. Haworth, Wikicommons


When do you think this building was built, with its big windows and minimal designs?  Looks like the kind of place that a Barnes & Noble would occupy, doesn’t it?  1927? 1948?

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The most Swedish man of all time gets disability benefits for heavy metal addiction


Meanwhile in Sweden… Roger Tullgren, described as a man with long hair, tattoos and a penchant for jewellery that looks like skulls, after consulting three psychologists, managed to get his obsession with heavy metal music classified as a disability that qualifies him for supplemental disability benefits.  The man, Roger Tullgren, has been unable to hold down a full time job between being compelled to “show his heavy metal style” and attend over 300 concerts last year alone.

Tullgren has been trying to get his heavy metal addiction classified as a mental handicap for the past decade.  Now, thanks to Sweden being a utopia of both social democracy and metal, he will be awarded state disability benefits to supplement his part time dishwashing job.

Rock on Sweden, rock on.

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Somali Terrorists: Sorry about that one guy who won’t shut up, we know he’s annoying

ABC News


Everyone’s got that one friend, who when you introduce them to new people, you almost instantly start apologizing, and feel shame (if you don’t know what we’re talking about, you’re that friend).  It turns out Somali terrorists are Just Like Us, in that they’ve got that one guy from Alabama, too.


A self-identified spokesperson for al-Shabaab, a Somalia-based terror group, released a statement via Twitter Monday that is relentlessly critical of Alabama-born rapping jihadi Omar Hammami, also known as Abu Mansur al-Amriki, and assures everyone he holds no position of power in their anti-Western ranks.

“For months the Mujahideen [holy warriors] have been offering advice to Abu Mansur in private, without publicly rebuking him, employing every possible avenue to veil his faults, overlook his shortcomings and conceal the egregious errors he’d committed from the eyes of the Muslim Ummah[leadership]… It is regrettable, however, that all such efforts have been fruitless despite numerous attempts,” the statement says.

He probably keeps going on and on about how Leslie Neilsen was underrated (yeah, we get it) and then making inappropriate comments to women.   He sounds awful.


This could be the greatest CIA terrorist plant since Carrot Top.


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