Syria Still Going On

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In case people are forgetting, the civil war in Syria is still ongoing, more than a year later.  This picture, taken yesterday (January 30th, 2013), shows a rebel firing a rocket-propelled grenade in the town of Ain Tarma, outside the capital of Damascus.


More pictures can be seen over at The Atlantic.



£100 million notes probably the most valuable currency that exists

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Yes, £100,000,000 notes.  That’s a lot of zeroes. The Bank of England has created 8 billion pounds worth of million-pound and hundred pound notes, but no, you can’t use them.  They’re not meant for you.  You’re too poor.  Obvi.


From the BBC:

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Antigua Decides to Just Straight-Up Give Away Movies, Music For Free

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Ah, Antigua.  An island paradise, resplendent in beauty and nature.  And now, free movies everyone!  The nation of Antigua and Barbuda has been given the right, by the World Trade Organization (WTO), to give out any movies or music coming from the United States.

For free.

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City of Dijon Forced to Sell its Municipal Wine Cellar, Socialism Continues to Bring Down France

First, Socialist president Francois Hollande sent French actor Gerard Depardieu into Vladimir Putin’s warm and loving embrace, with taxes, and now this.  The City of Dijon, in what has to be the most French-Or-What-the-Hell-Is-Going-On-Over-There moment, has been forced to sell half of its municipal wine cellar to cover local expenditures.

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Google Updates North Korea on Google Maps, Including Gulags

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Google just updated its maps for North Korea, which lives under a reclusive dictatorship.  While many like to laugh at leader Kim Jong-Un as a fat joke, the gulags that he sends prisoners and whole families to is no laughing matter.  In Google’s update, the company saw it fit to include the country’s enormous prison camps in its publicly available maps of the country, appearing as dark brown stains on the otherwise clean landscape.

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