The CBC Presents The World’s Most Useless Chart


One pundit describes this chart from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation on the drinking age in Canada as ““visual display of just-barely quantitative information.” That sounds about right to me.

I’m not sure if my favourite part is 0.6 year intervals on the y axis, the fact that this chart (which the CBC posted as part of the debate in Saskatchewan to lower the drinking age to 18) was already removed, or that it existed in the first place.

via Washington Post Wonkblog


Weekend Reading: Five Most Infamous Argentine Serial Killers


While America is the world’s capital of serial killing, other countries bring a distinct local flavour of crazy to their murderers. The Argentina Independent chronicles five of the most notorious murderers the country has produced.

While none of these killers have quite the body count of their peers elsewhere, they bring unique gaucho charm to their horrible actions, from the killer dentist to the woman who poisoned people to afford her expensive lifestyle.

My personal favourite is Cayetano Godino, known as “El Petiso Orejudo” or “The Big Eared Midget”, a vertically challenged killer from the early 20th century who enjoyed lighting his victims on fire.

Read the whole list at The Argentina Independent.

Québec Prepares for the Zombie Apocalypse


It turns out Montana isn’t the only place preparing for the zombie apocalypse. In the Québec public security annual symposium next week, one of the discussions will be on how to cope with a zombie attack in the province.

Of course this hypothetical has a legitimate purpose – it’s a way of simulating a real life unexpected catastrophe.  As the director of disaster recover told CTV:

“When we’re talking about zombies, we’re talking about a training concept.”

Apparent the zombie scenario is common among disaster security training, as many U.S. states and British Columbia have already had similar scenarios. Participants will deal with a number of issues as part of the scenario: infections, infrastructure damage, death, housing issues, work absences and the resulting drop in tourism.  Because when the zombie apocalypse occurs, the number one concern will be the drop in tourism.

Read more at The Globe & Mail or CTV.

In Polarized Greece, Even the Porn is Class Warfare

In crisis ridden Greece, resentment toward the countries politicians and other elites has politicized almost everything…including porn.  The country’s biggest porn producer, Sirina Productions, has decided to cash in on this, preparing to release a rape porn about terrorists unleashing the people’s wrath upon the wife of a Minister. According to the company’s website (Warning: NSFW) and translated by the blog When the Crisis Hit the Fan:

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House of Representatives Bans Spotify, Because They Hate Fun


Being the buzzkills that they are, the U.S. House Office of the Chief Administrative Office has decided to block music streaming program Spotify from the chamber, according to Politico. Although not a peer to peer (P2P) sharing program that allows users to download files from one another, the Office claims it uses similar technology.  According to an office spokesman,

“To help protect House data, our IT policy generally prohibits the use of peer-to-peer (P2P) technologies while operating within the secure network.”

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White House Responds to Death Star Petition


Probably the best innovation the executive branch has brought us recently is the online White House Petition creator, We the People, which is basically with the slight possibility that you will get an official response from the American government. The American people have responded by sending the White House some great ideas, but even better than a radical transformation of the legal system has been the proposal to build a Death Star, and no not that Reagan “Star Wars” defense system.

Well today the White House has issued the official response: Continue reading