Popped Collars Are Back, WSJ Proudly Reports



Dspite reporting on all things Wall Street, and thus most things Frat Bro, the Wall Street Journal has just discovered the trend of upturned collars.

Don’t panic: This doesn’t mean a full-on return of the 1980s preppy look indelibly associated with the popped collar. The modern upturned collar is a nonchalant flourish meant to give an outfit a little flair.

Yes, don’t panic! The proverbial “popped collar,” which most people who play lacrosse have been sporting since at least 2004 on their pink Lacoste shirt, just gives some more pieces of flair. Thanks, WSJ, for explaining that.

But hey, in other news, the dollar is back! America is also back! America!


Read more at the Wall Street Journal.