Chairman Mao’s Very Fat Grandson is Very Fat, WSJ Reports

In a report about the specter of nepotism in China’s annual National People’s Congress, the Wall Street Journal’s China Real Time Report blog can’t help but mention that Mao Zedong’s grandson is really fat. Holy crap he’s fat. Like, really really fat.

Eight times (eight times!) they mention it, and some are pretty hilarious. This one starts off nice and gentle, with his “striking” appearance, but then it’s all downhill from there:

Instead, it’s the striking image he projects – an image sometimes comically at odds with the effort by new Communist Party head Xi Jinping to revamp the government’s reputation for bloat and indulgence.

You can’t miss him:

Mr. Mao is an expansively rotund man, which makes him easy to spot

He’s the size of a planet:

His gravitational pull was hardly diminished at the opening of this year’s NPC

Even mothers are talking about it:

“My mum told me since I was little: ‘A military uniform looks good on everyone,’” the user wrote under a photo of Mr. Mao, a major general in the People’s Liberation Army, walking through a crosswalk in his uniform. “(After) showing her this picture, she finally admitted defeat.”

Finally, the Journal just gives up and calls him “well-fed.”

He’s really fat, is what they’re saying.

Read more at the WSJ.

Photo credit: The Guardian/STR/AFP/Getty Images



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