How Your Coke Gets Made

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There’s an old saying that goes “No one wants to see how their _____ is made.”  Usually they’re referring to sausages or laws, but in this case, it is absolutely fascinating how Coca-Cola is made.  That includes the can:


Each can originated in a small town of 4,000 people on the Murray River in Western Australia called Pinjarra. Pinjarra is the site of the world’s largest bauxite mine. Bauxite is surface mined — basically scraped and dug from the top of the ground. The bauxite is crushed and washed with hot sodium hydroxide, which separates it into aluminum hydroxide and waste material called red mud. The aluminum hydroxide is cooled, then heated to over a thousand degrees celsius in a kiln, where it becomes aluminum oxide, or alumina.


And on and on, right down to how you make things like “caramel color.”  Yum!
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Photo credit:  WikiThreads T-shirts and Embroidery, Dallas, TX


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