Fung Wah, the Absurdist Transportation System, is Shut Down

The Fung Wah bus, departing hourly between New York and Boston, was a source of sheer terror and/or delight depending on your personality.  Filled with broke college students and random people from Chinatown transporting live animals, every trip was either a wonderful or awful experience.  Which you got was a bit of playing Russian Roulette.

Sadly, Fung Wah has now been shut down by “NOBAMA” and the Feds for gross safety violations, which probably should have happened a decade ago.  Sure, now you have the extremely-similar-price-but-less-disgusting Boltbus and MegaBus, but do these corporate services offer the character, nay, the Heart, that Fung Wah offered?

Actually, screw Fung Wah’s character and heart.  You always felt like you might die or puke or die from puking or puke from dying on each trip.  What will be missed however,are the Tweets.  BostInno gathers up a fine selection, using the hashtag #TheLastTimeITookFungWah:


Yes, an entire head of lettuce.  It gets that bad.


See more of the Tweets over at BostInno.


Photocredit: Flickr user MrMoneda

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