Québec Prepares for the Zombie Apocalypse


It turns out Montana isn’t the only place preparing for the zombie apocalypse. In the Québec public security annual symposium next week, one of the discussions will be on how to cope with a zombie attack in the province.

Of course this hypothetical has a legitimate purpose – it’s a way of simulating a real life unexpected catastrophe.  As the director of disaster recover told CTV:

“When we’re talking about zombies, we’re talking about a training concept.”

Apparent the zombie scenario is common among disaster security training, as many U.S. states and British Columbia have already had similar scenarios. Participants will deal with a number of issues as part of the scenario: infections, infrastructure damage, death, housing issues, work absences and the resulting drop in tourism.  Because when the zombie apocalypse occurs, the number one concern will be the drop in tourism.

Read more at The Globe & Mail or CTV.


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