In Defense of Volkswagen, White Jamaicans Do Exist


Volkswagen is gearing up to show this ad during the Super Bowl, which shows a white guy doing his best Jamaican accent cheering up his office.  Because he drives a VW, obviously.  This has gotten some blowback from The Whites, as Jalopnik points out, because only black people can be Jamaican:

The woman upset at the ad is Barbara Lippert, an Editor-at-Large at and she probably got a huge, raging I-get-to-go-on-TV-and-talk-bullshit erection when she saw this commercial. She is obviously tumescent with joy because she can call something racist even though everyone around her, and everyone in her life, disagrees.


Pretty much the only racist thing about this whole kerfuffle, however, is the assumption that Jamaicans can only be black, because it’s some sort of Jamaican law, or something, I dunno.  Luckily, Youtube exists, and so do white Jamaicans:



Curried goat is delicious.







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