House of Representatives Bans Spotify, Because They Hate Fun


Being the buzzkills that they are, the U.S. House Office of the Chief Administrative Office has decided to block music streaming program Spotify from the chamber, according to Politico. Although not a peer to peer (P2P) sharing program that allows users to download files from one another, the Office claims it uses similar technology.  According to an office spokesman,

“To help protect House data, our IT policy generally prohibits the use of peer-to-peer (P2P) technologies while operating within the secure network.”

Of course Spotify’s representatives are not too happy about this.

“It is a sad day when a few bureaucrats can block our nation’s leadership from enjoying free, secure access to over 20 million songs…Music is a common language that all political parties speak and should be used to bring the legislators of this great country together so they can solve the serious issues facing our nation.”

This is not the first time House administrators have shown a fear of technology – until 2011, video chat application Skype was banned from offices.

Meanwhile in the Senate, aka the cooler house of Congress, Spotify reportedly still functions, meaning staffers can continue to rock out.

via Politico.

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