City of Dijon Forced to Sell its Municipal Wine Cellar, Socialism Continues to Bring Down France

First, Socialist president Francois Hollande sent French actor Gerard Depardieu into Vladimir Putin’s warm and loving embrace, with taxes, and now this.  The City of Dijon, in what has to be the most French-Or-What-the-Hell-Is-Going-On-Over-There moment, has been forced to sell half of its municipal wine cellar to cover local expenditures.

That’s right, only half- of its municipal wine cellar.  So I guess no need to panic.  From the Financial Times:

The top attraction was a bottle of Vosne-Romanée Cros Parantoux, premier cru de 1999. Placed on a reserve of €1,000, it sold for almost five times that price.

The buyer, according to Infos-Dijon, was “a mysterious Chinese” it named as Wang Dongming, who it said had come from Paris and waited patiently for the bottle to go under the hammer at the end of the auction.


“A mysterious Chinese,” indeed.


Read more at the FT.




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