Antigua Decides to Just Straight-Up Give Away Movies, Music For Free

Flickr/Getty Images

Ah, Antigua.  An island paradise, resplendent in beauty and nature.  And now, free movies everyone!  The nation of Antigua and Barbuda has been given the right, by the World Trade Organization (WTO), to give out any movies or music coming from the United States.

For free.

The judgment results from a WTO ruling that the United States violated WTO laws by outlawing online gambling.  The action by the US immediately put about 5% of Antigua’s work force out of a job, due to Antigua relying heavily on the online gambling industry for income.

Mark Mendel, Antigua’s lawyer, told that the country was unsure when a Pirate Bay-like site would be up and running, but they are “definitely working on it.”

Can’t wait for this.  It’ll be hilarious.

Read more at Wired.


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