Finally, Science Has Given Us What We Always Wanted: Soggy Butt!

Wrangler/Vogue Click to Embiggen

Wrangler, yes, Wrangler, the company with Brett Favre in those commercials from a while back, the company of the Working Man and his Working Pants, has finally launched their version of the Moon Program.  Launching a space race of epic butt proportions, they have launched the world’s first moisturizing jeans.

One more time:  Moisturizing. Jeans.

Promising to protect your legs from “the dehydrating effects of denim,” Wrangler has finally put some lotion into your pants.  Featuring “natural oils and butters,” you too can look and feel just like movie theater popcorn, in flavors of Aloe Vera, Olive Extract, and Smooth Legs.

And they’re going to charge £85 for the privilege.

See the press release at Vogue UK.

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