Fiat CEO Opens Mouth, Spouts Foul Genius, Again

Sergio Marchionne/Wikicommons

Fiat CEO and current Chrysler CEO and Chairman Sergio Marchionne is known for being one of those, ahem, “unfiltered” industrialists.  He tends to make delightfully off-color remarks, often while wearing his fetching trademark black sweaters.  Buried in an NBC article about Alfa Romeo coming back to the United States at the end of the year (woohoo!), he had this to say about the current delays:


Of particular concern, he hinted, was the powertrain, which he stressed had to have the right feel and even the right sound long associated with Alfas past.  In the sort of blunt, often politically incorrect comment Marchionne has become known for, he declared it had to be a “Wop” engine, a typically negative reference to something or someone of Italian descent.

Yes, a “Wop” engine.  Most certainly not a “Goomba” engine or a “Guido” engine, I dunno I’m bad with ethnic slurs.  Marchionne has a history of putting his foot in his mouth, including this gem:


“I want to pay back the shyster loans,” Marchionne said Friday. “When we did this deal back in 2009, we couldn’t have borrowed a buck from a 7-Eleven store. The banking system was shut.”

Yes, “shyster loans.”  That one wasn’t an accident either- he used it three times in a speech.


Read more at NBC News.



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