The Prime Minister’s Questions


Perhaps the only thing Britain has over America (besides versions of Top Gear) is the parliamentary tradition of the Prime Minister’s Questions.  Putting the infamous “You LIE!” moment from noted liar Congressman Joe Wilson (R-Pants on Fire) to shame, the PMQ’s pit the Prime Minister against the leader of the Opposition every Wednesday for half an hour, where they proceed to hilariously scream at each other in a guttural cry of pent-up national hatred.

These days, Prime Minister David Cameron and Labour leader Ed Miliband tend to be the ones going at it, and the results never fail.  The above clip has something to do with “abusing police officers,” because apparently in the UK up is black and lasagna is down, but I chose it specifically for the bespittled yellings of “YOB!” and “PLEB!” and “TOAST!”




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