How They Filmed That Commercial With The Fat Person and Thin Person and Then It’s The Same Person


We don’t usually get all touchy-feely here, but this commercial from Medifast (which is a meal-plan thing like Nutrisystem) can blow the mind when you realize it’s actually one person.  For those not watching the video, two people, one thin and one who appears to be a bit overweight are having a conversation, and then they get all teary and emotional about how good the thin one looks, and then it turns out it’s the same person just at different weights.


The good people over at Business Insider have the explanation on how the thing was filmed, which was not, surprisingly, through CGI, but rather just clever editing.



Now they just need another commercial in another six months of the same person, now fat again after a yo-yo diet, just going “What?! What happened?! We looked so good! What did you do? I am So. Dis. A. Pointed.”


Also, Medifast sounds like a media starvation diet, in my mind.




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