Snake on a Plane



A packed Egypt Air flight from Cairo to Kuwait was forced to make an emergency landing in the Red Sea resort town of Al Ghardaqa after a passenger smuggled a cobra on board.  According to CNN:


An Egypt Air official told the paper an investigation revealed that the 48-year-old passenger, who owns a reptile shop in Kuwait, had hidden the Egyptian cobra in a carry-on bag. The passenger was trying to control the snake after it bit his hand and started slithering under the seats.

The Egyptian daily al-Masry al-Youm reported that the man refused medical treatment, claiming his wound was only superficial. The plane resumed its flight to Kuwait after local authorities confiscated the snake.


The Egyptian cobra’s venom can kill a person in 15 minutes, or an elephant in three hours, which is good to know if you ever need to kill an elephant.


You can figure out the Samuel L. Jackson jokes on your own.




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