Oddly Specific Trades Are Oddly Specific


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I don’t know why it took me this long, and I’m definitely sure I’m not the first.  But hold on you guys. YOU GUYS.  New game.  Go to the Craigslist barter section and see if you can find the most weirdly specific items for trade.   The most specific trade wins.

Right here, if you can’t read the text, is a person willing to trade his old Nintendo 64 system, completely with five games and two (TWO!) controllers.

The person will take cash it looks like, but in terms of barter they will ONLY accept random pieces of coral.

Yes, coral.

This is for all you video-game-and-reef aficionados out there.  Lets hope this person finds their soulmate.


See the ad on Craigslist.





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Editor, The Ball-Aban News

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