Iran Makes Hilarious Unintentional Military Joke, Again



Iran has a wonderful history of making bold military claims without backing them up in any way, shape, or form.  They also have a history of colossal screw-ups and outdated equipment.  Today though, those two forces came together to meet, have firm handshakes all around, and then definitely drink too much, in the form of this incredibly blue submarine.

Why a blue submarine?

Because it’s tough to see, see.  You can hardly spot that bright blue metal thing in the ocean at all, I’m sure.  The Iranian military is also incredibly assured of this:


“Since the beginning of the Islamic Revolution, we have learned not to ask for help from other countries and stand on our own feet in meeting our demands,” Iranian Navy commander Habibollah Sayyari said during the broadcast.

“Thanks to the Islamic Revolution, Iran has acquired the know-how to build submarines. No one believed that we would reach a point where we would build destroyers capable of carrying helicopters and missiles in the Sea of Oman and oceans … because it’s a very difficult task to build destroyers and submarines.”

For reference, here is a modern American submarine, the ballistic missile-carrying USS Ohio:


You tell me which one would be harder to spot just under the surface.  Maybe the Iranians are planning to cruise around the Caribbean.


Read more at Yahoo! News.



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