Boys Who Like Hair, and Girls With Guns


Sweden’s Toys *R* Us licensee has decided to do away with the last vestiges of the patriarchal society which consumes us all, and now brings us their first gender-neutral holiday toy catalogue.



I’m really not sure what this says about us as a society.  Not the patriarchy thing, I couldn’t care less about that.  We teach kids that ironing and vacuuming is FUN??? That those things are TOYS???


Man, childhood must be terrible these days.


See more at The Wall Street Journal’s Corporate Intelligence blog.




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One thought on “Boys Who Like Hair, and Girls With Guns

  1. I think that in the first place, toys are a tool for the children to learn to function in the world. So in this view, it makes sense to give them “real” objects to play with, since they prefer to imitate adults in their playing anyway. Not that I enjoy vacuum cleaning and ironing though, perhaps it would be different if I had a toy iron growing up.

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