The Hunter Becomes the Hunted: Fisherman dies after catch swims down his throat


A Brazilian angler in the northeastern city of Icapuí, in the state of Ceará, was fishing on the beach for sole when he decided to bet his friends that he could hold the fish between his teeth for a minute.

Instead, the fish slipped down into his throat, where it got stuck in his windpipe.  The man managed to drive two miles to the hospital before passing out.  He died before they could remove the fish.

A fisherman being choked to death by a fish, the jokes write themselves.  The irony of it all becomes a little more sobering, though, when you hear from his wife:

On Tuesday morning the wife of the man who died after a fish swam down his throat posted a message on a social networking site saying her only consolation was that she was the best wife a husband could have, local media reported.

She wrote: “Only one thing comforts my heart, that I was the best wife and friend that I could have been. The best woman that I could be, there, in every hour and in every moment.”

Still, there’s a lesson here: respect mother nature, or she will take you, and there will be jokes written about your death on the internet.


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