Casual Racism: Now Available in the Google Play Store!


One of the advantages of Android over iOS is that Google has a much more liberal process when it comes to app development – unlike the draconian micromanagement of the iTunes store, Google will more or less accept anything that isn’t going to destroy your phone or steal your data, freeing developers from the censorship of iPhone development.

It also allows Android to host stupid and horribly racist novelty apps for white people to embarrass themselves with.  Finally, an app that allows you to modify the shape of your eye, add a yellow hue to your skin color, and top it off with stereotypes like a fu manchu or a conical rice hat.  Really, what could possibly be wrong with such a thing?

If Asian stereotypes are not your thing, the same person has also brought us Make Me Indian (Native American, not Asian Indian – sorry for those hoping for some brownface), so you can relive the conquest of the Americas with some good old fashioned cultural appropriation and racism.

Read more at Eugene Cho’s blog


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