An America We Can Stand Behind

For far too long, America has been in a great decline, with crime everywhere we see and families crying in despair.  But we don’t have to settle for a sordid past!  We can hope for a better future!  A future America where one man is the law.  This petition is live now on the White House’s We The People website.  If a petition gets 25,000 signatures, the Obama Administration, by its own rules, is obligated to respond.  The full text reads:


Establish new legal system of motorcycle riding

“Judges” who serve as police, judge, jury, and

executioner all in one.

This is a petition to dissolve the current legal system and replace it with a single Hall of Justice, run by Judges; motorcycle-riding law officers who act as police, judge, jury, and executioner.

Go sign the petition at We The People




About Michael Ballaban

Editor, The Ball-Aban News

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