Demographics Shmemographics

It seems like everyone is talking about how the electoral college-landside loss was solely the responsibility of a so-called “Demographics Problem.”  That is, as current birthrates and immigration rates continue on their projected course, Republicans can’t seem to win Presidential elections as there are just not enough Whites and Too Many Browns, Blacks, etc., and Bill O’Reilly is already starting to go hoarse with his call that “Traditional America” (read: white) is dying, race war, and on and on.

Hilariously, the GOP thinks they can solve it by trotting out Marco Rubio, the Cuban senator from Florida, as those Hispanics are all the same, right, you guys?  Never mind the Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, and all the others.  They’ve now also got George P. Bush, who has all the appeal of being able to speak Spanish, but also being named George Bush.

Yes, because that is the problem, GOP.  It’s that you haven’t been speaking enough Spanish, and Mitt Romney didn’t put on enough brownface.

No, it’s not because you’ve gone to the extreme right, taking up the mantles of business and religion to justify screwing over consumers and workers, respectively.  It’s not because you are so far removed from the ghost of Ronald Reagan, despite your pledges of fealty, that Zombie-Reagan would never recognize the current Republican party, believing it to be a mutant outgrowth of the John Birch Society.

No, that’s not the problem at all.  It’s probably your ORCA vote system.  Yeah, that’s the problem, too.

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