WOOOO President Romney!


Just kidding.  But it looks like Mitt Romney’s team believed it, if only for a minute.  Taegan Goddard over at Political Wire discovered that the now-defunct Romney campaign put up a President-Elect Transition website up for just a few minutes on Tuesday night, even offering job applications to potential political appointees.

And despite all the hope for change coming out of the campaign in at least this brief moment, how do they feel now?  From the New York Times:

The investor Julian Robertson, who held fund-raisers for Mr. Romney and gave more than $2 million to a pro-Romney super PAC, arrived with several companions. Mr. Robertson spotted an acquaintance: Emil W. Henry Jr., an economic adviser and a fund-raiser for Mr. Romney, to whom Mr. Robertson had offered a ride on his charter.

“Aww, group hug,” Mr. Henry said.


See all the saved screenshots of the Romney Transition website over at Political Wire



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