What happens if the election were tied?

XKCD/Randall Munroe


No, not just tied, but really tied.  As in, in every single battleground state, the election results are split exactly down the middle.  Randall Munroe over at XKCD’s What If (which is almost always excellent) explores the consequences of the possibility.  Laws of most states devolve the resulting election into games of chance, but where XKCD truly comes into its own is the exploration of math and statistics.  And the likelihood that every battleground state will truly become a battleground?


The probability that every battleground state is exactly tied is roughly equal to the probability that, when one of the Florida electors reaches into the hat to draw a name, he or she is struck by a falling cocaine bale, the hat is hurled away within the next few seconds by a tornado, and the elector is obliterated minutes later by a meteorite impact.

Read the whole fascinating, funny thing over at XKCD.



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