@ConEd Tweets From Bed

ConEd/Huffington Post


I’m not usually one to praise PR flacks, but even this takes dedication.  During the chaos following Hurricane Sandy, two young women from ConEd, the power company here in New York, did 12 to 14 hour shifts manning the Twitter feed, sending out constant updates to stranded customers.  From the Huffington Post:


For the last six days, Frasca and her colleague Amber Sisson, a fellow member of Con Edison’s public affairs team, have been alternating 12- to 14-hour shifts handling the @ConEdison account to ensure the company is tweeting day and night. Before last Sunday, the day before Sandy made landfall in New York, Frasca had never posted a single tweet to the Con Edison account.

At 11:05 Friday night, while other 20-somethings in Manhattan were drinking by candlelight or enjoying their first evening in a heated apartment in nearly a week, Frasca was tweeting from her iPhone in her bedroom on the Upper West Side as she got ready to go to sleep. She says she’s even been tweeting to @ConEdison from bed.

Even now, the Twitter feed is running at full blast, posting updates every few minutes.


Read more at the Huffington Post.



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