Another “Mysterious” Explosion in the Middle East


It seems some countries just can’t stop having mysterious explosions in the middle of the night.  From the Christian Science Monitor:


The Sudanese government is blaming Israel for an explosion at a munitions plant in Khartoum early yesterday morning that Israeli media say was owned by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard and made arms for Hamas.

The Sudanese minister said that their accusation against the Jewish state did not come out of thin air but was based on evidences and accounts of eye witnesses confirming that four planes that entered the country from the east had destroyed factory using high technology that jammed radars at Khartoum airport.

This actually sounds like a hallmark of Israeli security- extreme precision, with extreme discretion.  In 2009 two arms convoys travelling through Sudan also mysteriously exploded — which would require not only aerial surveillance but also human intelligence on the ground to accomplish.  This sort of thing also sounds extremely similar to the Israeli airstrike deep in Syria in 2007.


Read more at the Christian Science Monitor


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