Weird Chips From Around the World

I spotted these chips the other day at Duane Reade.  Some may say that these aren’t so weird- I mean, chips are potato, which are french fries, and ketchup is ketchup, and who doesn’t love french fries and ketchup, right??? But to me, BLECH.  It’s potato-like food substance with artificially flavored ketchup powder on top of them.  Feeling inspired, I figured we could take a look at some other flavors from around the world:

Yes, love it or hate it (they actually ran that as a marketing slogan), marmite comes in chip form.  This salty substance which almost has a soy sauce-like flavor to me somehow has an appeal to people.  Originally developed from the yeast gunk stuck inside brewer’s vats, some people actually consider it edible.

Cheeseburger.  Yes, cheeseburger.  In artificially flavored powder form.  On a dorito.

Crab.  Just… crab.  That’s all I have to say about that.

For those unfamiliar with haggis, it’s a Scottish dish basically composed of whatever is leftover of the animal when they got all the food out of it.  I actually bought a pack of these when I was in Edinburgh, and my girlfriend maintains they are “delicious.”  I gave them as a gift to my brother.

What weird flavors have you found?


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