Chick-Fil-A Chief Supports Concubines, Polygamy


Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathy announced in an interview today that his company still supports “biblical families.”  Biblical families can get pretty interesting, what with Abraham and Hagar, Jacob and his multiple wives, David getting his friend (and general) killed so that he could marry the guy’s wife who he had a crush on, Onan forced to take the wife of his dead brother, etc. etc.

Back in July, Cathy told the Baptist Press the company stands “guilty as charged” for its stand on Biblical and family values. “We are very much supportive of the family — the Biblical definition of the family unit,” he said.

“Families are very important to our country,” Cathy said. “And they’re very important to those of us who are concerned about being able to hang on to our heritage.

“We support Biblical families, and they’ve always been a part of that.”



So in support of Cathy hanging on to his heritage, I sure hope that a lot more Onanism goes on in Chick-fil-A restaurants.  It would certainly make this whole story very interesting.



Read more at Atlanta’s NBC 11


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