Mystery Lady Fascinated Someone Knows Her Name

Former Democratic Presidential candidate John Kerry mentioned former Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin in his speech at the DNC, and the former Governor of Alaska has no idea how the current Senator from Massachusetts has any clue who she is.

“I mean aren’t these guys supposed to be these bigwig elites who don’t waste their time on the little people like me, me representing the average American who yeah I did say in Alaska you can see Russia from our land base and I was making the point that we are strategically located on the globe and when it comes to transportation corridors and resources that are shared and fought over, Alaska and I as the governor, had known what I was doing in dealing with some international issues that had to do with our resources that could help secure the nation,” Palin said. “So it’s funny that he would take a little pot shot like that, but it’s funny he even knows my name. “


I still have no idea who she is.  At all.

Read more at the AP

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