Uncontacted Tribe All Pissed They Were Left Uncontacted

This tribe of Aborigines in the desert Outback of Australia was just hanging around, thinking they were the only people on Earth.  When someone finally contacted them, the first thing they did was take a ride in a pickup truck.  And then they got mad:

When the family were driven from the doctor at Kintore 27km to the smaller community of Kwiwikurra, the nomads ritually beat members of their extended families with sticks for not bringing them in from the desert earlier.

“The older ones were angry that their long-lost relatives – who they had not seen for nearly 20 years – had left them out in the desert eating lizards while they lived in what they saw as the lap of luxury,” Mr Tull said.


Read more at The Australia Herald-Sun


About Michael Ballaban

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