XKCD is always relevant.  A few weeks ago, creator Randall Munroe was asked what a mole of moles would be like.  For those who can’t remember all the way back to Ms. Franklin’s 10th grade chemistry class, a mole is a unit for measuring molecules, and is a really big number (602,214,129,000,000,000,000,000, to be precise, as there are usually a lot of molecules in any given spot on Earth).  It turns out, a lot of moles floating in space would be pretty terrifying:

The mole planet is now a giant sphere of meat. It has a lot of latent energy (there are enough calories in the mole planet to support the Earth’s current population for 30 billion years). Normally, when organic matter decomposes, it releases much of that energy as heat. But throughout the majority of the planet’s interior, the pressure is over a hundred megapascals, which is enough to kill all bacteria and sterilize the mole remains—leaving no microorganisms to break down the mole tissues.


Read more at XKCD: What if?

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